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Veterinary Science

Veterinary science is a vital contributor to the health, welfare, and longevity of millions of animals in Britain. Whilst the veterinary profession was initially centred on the horse, influenced by the needs of the Army, the interests of the profession has now spread to livestock, pets, exotic, aide, detective, and soldier animals. 

Research and development into this field advances continuously in order to further improve the health of these animals, not only through the development of unique treatment methods, but also through the improvement of existing methods. 

The in-house experts of Minerva Innovation Group Ltd have worked with a large number of vets including companion, equine and food animal veterinarians. Due to our strong academic background and past experiences within the industry we are able to understand your technical activities on a detailed level which allows us to maximise your financial benefit. We offer a quick turnaround, allowing you to continue focusing on your day-to-day business duties.

Examples of technical activities which have previously qualified for R&D tax relief include:

  • Developing improved anaesthetic protocols 
  • Improving racing/reproductive performance of thoroughbreds/livestock 

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