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Technical Information Gathering In Between Claims

We hope you're having a good week!


We thought it would be a good idea to reach out with an important reminder on how we can make the most of your R&D claim in light of the New Year.


At the start of our process, we make you aware of the importance of gathering technical information in order to make your R&D claims more time-efficient and robust. This could involve collecting information throughout the year in a dedicated folder or emailing us to collect this on your behalf (and we will collate this information in a dedicated folder on our server).

We can receive this in a variety of formats. even informal internal email threads, client communication, hand-written notes, word documents, pictures of prototypes, and PDFs of design iterations will suffice and greatly strengthen future R&D reports.

Specific examples of information to support future R&D reports include:


  • Project briefs and subsequent design iterations for the architecture, construction, and structural engineering sector

  • Pictures and a description of the evolution of materials and dimensional parameters investigated to meet stringent MOD or medical specifications for the mechanical engineering sector

  • Veterinary reports (e.g. gastroscopes, blood analysis, limb investigations, etc), internal notes discussing those reports, and subsequent modifications to feeds, training, recovery, etc for the horse racing sector

  • Pre- and post-harvesting data (relating to the soil, seed, fertiliser, temperature, etc and how this impacted the quantity and quality of the associated crop) for the crop farming sector

  • Patient notes of different medical and/or surgical treatment strategies and the result associated with these strategies for the human and veterinary medicine sector

  • A description of the limitation associated with existing technology and the requirement as well as the process of integrating multiple technologies to expand on the overall technological capability for the software sector

If you have any of the above information to hand, we strongly encourage you to send this over to us as it becomes available as it can make the R&D claim process easier for you. If you need more guidance on the type of information required, please reply to this email and we can clarify further.

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