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Case Study: Energyvue Services Limited

Case Study: The NOF Connection

Both EnergyVue and Minerva Innovation Group, as active members of NOF, seized a unique opportunity to combine their strengths and expertise. The shared mission of EnergyVue, revolving around advancing the sustainable energy transition through innovative data solutions, harmonises seamlessly with our proficiency in securing R&D tax relief. 


Our team of specialists conducted a thorough evaluation of EnergyVue's R&D activities and related expenditures. We closely collaborated with EnergyVue to identify eligible R&D projects and expenditures, meticulously documenting their innovative processes. This collaborative endeavor empowered EnergyVue to fully leverage R&D tax relief, ultimately maximising their financial returns.


"We found the process of working with the Minerva team very easy. Although the process of gathering the relevant financial and technical information is very thorough, we did not find it time consuming and neither did it impact on our teams day to day business. The fact Minerva had a specialist within their team with knowledge of software development especially made the process of gaining information from our development team very straightforward. EnergyVue are looking forward to working with the team at Minerva again for future R&D tax relief projects" - Steve Johnstone, Director of Energyvue Services Limited


 “We were voted Best Boutique Research & Development Funding Specialists 2023 due to our ability to assist small- to medium-sized enterprises with accessing R&D funding. Many big companies in the energy sector are able to take advantage of the various R&D funding schemes available, but smaller companies, especially those with headcounts below 100, have often not maximised their cash credits. As part of our service over the last years, we have offered free consultations and R&D benefit estimate calculations to help companies determine whether they are maximising their R&D benefits through their current R&D claim process” - Adam Pearce, Director of Minerva Innovation Group


EnergyVue: Real-Time Digital Solutions for a Sustainable Energy Industry

EnergyVue is a cutting-edge technology company, providing real-time data acquisition, management, visualisation and analytics with a specific focus on renewable energy systems and the energy transition. Our solutions assist asset owners in optimizing the operational efficiency of their assets in a cost effective manner. They achieve this by reducing the costs associated with asset management, operations, and maintenance through innovative data solutions.  The EnergyVue team has over 30 years of experience of managing critical asset data, globally across the energy industry. 


Minerva Innovation Group: Specialists in R&D Funding

At Minerva Innovation Group, we take pride in our role as a boutique research and development (R&D) funding specialist firm. Our dedicated team of experts provide invaluable support to UK businesses, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.


We have a proven track record of assisting clients in generating significant cash benefits. On average, we help our clients access R&D tax relief equal to 2.72% of their turnover, 7.30% of their wage bill, and an impressive £1,333.87 per employee. We are well-versed in navigating the complex landscape of R&D tax credits and supporting businesses in maximising their benefits.


If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you maximise your financial returns, reach out to or We're also offering a discount on our standard service exclusively for NOF members.

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