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Food Science

Food science involves research into the nature of foods in order to develop methods to improve food for the consuming public. This type of research and development is conducted by companies in order to adhere to everchanging societal lifestyle choices and medical needs, eg. vegan and gluten free diets. Despite this, estimates indicate that the majority of eligible food science companies forgo their right to R&D tax relief with those claiming often failing to maximise their financial benefit.

The in-house experts of Minerva Innovation Group Ltd have worked with a large number of food science companies. Due to our strong academic background and past experiences within the industry, we are able to understand your technical activities on a detailed level which allows us to maximise your financial benefit. We offer a quick turnaround, allowing you to continue focusing on your day-to-day business duties. 

Examples of technical activities which have previously qualified for R&D tax relief include:

  • Developing new vegan/gluten-free products whilst maintaining optimal flavour profiles, textures and product longevity

  • Maximising production throughputs whilst minimising product wastage

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