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Stay informed about changes in legislation, discover tips for maximising your R&D claims, and read success stories from our clients.


We will also share exciting highlights from the Leicester Riders, of which we are proud sponsors!

Leicester Riders Play of the Month

In 2021, we started an exciting sponsorship journey with Leicester Riders. Fast forward to 2024, and we are absolutely thrilled to continue our journey.
Adam Pearce MSc PGCert, Director of Minerva Innovation Group, commented:


“We are delighted to enter our third partnership season with the Leicester Riders. In 2021, we selected the Leicester Riders as their values match ours. The Riders have built a culture that everyone buys into, as seen by the loyalty of the fan base and the job longevity of the coaching staff, which is second to none in the British Basketball League. As a financial services company, we have built the same culture, which resulted in industry-leading client retention.”

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